Every summer Highway 94 Club has two meetings at Camp’s Grove in Dulzura. One is hosted by Jamul Kiawanis and one is hosted by Highway 94 Club.  This summer we had a Highway 94 Club  “old timers” get together for the July meeting.  Everyone had a great time and many past members attended.

I did not know the history of this picnic area until I read an old article in the Back Country Trader written by Charlotte Camp Holcomb in April 1987.  Following is the article:

I was thinking the other day that if trees could talk, there would be a lot of history to tell about the happenings under the oaks at Camp’s Grove.

In 1911 a detachment of soldiers was stationed there.  It was camped there for some time and there was a prisoner kept there for a while.  He was one of the men who supposedly incited the revolution in Mexico.

I have an album with pictures of the troops during that era.  The picture with this article shows the soldiers bringing in the wounded from Tecate.

The soldiers would gather in the living room at the Dulzura Inn, play the Victrola and visit with one another.  My dad told of one guard who walked from the grove to the store as his beat.  He bought a bottle of lemon extract on each trip to the store and drank it on the way back.  He was really bombed at the end of his shift.

Again, in 1918 during World War I, there were soldiers camped in the grove - at least Dulzura was well protected.

During World War II the Signal Corps camped where Pio Pico is now.  On Saturday night and Sunday afternoon a band played at the Dulzura Café and it was a ‘jumping’ place.

In the early days, there were picnics in the grove across the creek from where we gather today.  Until the road was moved to its present location, there was more room on that side.  The old road was the one we drive in on now.

There have been every type of celebration at the grove from weddings to memorial services.  On April 4 & 5, 1987 the students from the old Dulzura Grammar  School had a reunion - for many it was their 50th reunion.”

Charlotte and her brother Ed Camp and family have lived in Dulzura all their lives and their parents owned the old Dulzura Inn.  Ed still owns Camp’s Grove.  An article has been written about Charlotte and all the work she has done for Highway 94 Club and also other organizations in the community.   She knew the history from first hand experience and fortunately she wrote many articles called “Back Country Historical Ramblings” for the Back Country Trader and we thank her for these interesting historical articles.



Picture #49 at Camps Grove  

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