Most of the early information was second hand through articles and interviews with people that remember.  Every effort has been made to get as complete and accurate information as possible.  I want to especially thank Donald and Caroline Sheckler for their help.  Don gave me a great deal of information regarding the early history.  Caroline has most graciously provided the majority of the pictures used in these articles.   

The history is data receive from the following sources:

1.     San Diego Historical Society has been a wealth of information and many articles were copied as well as copies of interviews made with Charlotte Holcomb and others.

2.        Mountain Empire Historical Society where I found articles from the Back Country Trader that carried Charlotte Holcomb’s history articles and Mountain Empire Chronicle.  Both newspapers have served the Mountain Empire area in the past.

3.     San Diego City Library, California Room, where they have information as well as all early copies of the San Diego Union/Tribune.

4.     Ella McCain’s book “Memories of the Early Settlements - Dulzura, Potrero and Campo”

5.        Dorothy Clark Schmid’s book “Pioneering in kulzura”  Family homesteaded in Dulzura in early years.

6.     Sam Cameron’s Diary - Pioneer at Campo

7.        California Dept of Transportation (CalTrans) files

8.        Highway 94 Club records

9.        Edgar Hastings (conducted interviews with old timers that were found at SD Historical Society)

10.        Warren Hotel (Warrens)  Old hotel located in Campo.  Hotel burned and a house was built around old kitchen. 

11.        Peter Larkin Operated Mountain Springs stage stop 

12.        Jacob Dekema - Calif. Legislator and Highway Engineer  

13.        “Roads in San Diego County” Road logs of Goodrich National Touring Bureau dated 1918

14.   Ed Fletcher - Early settler in San Diego (El Cajon area). Was a State Senator and active with roads and development

Interviews and pictures were obtained from:

15.   Carl Calvert (owns the Motor Transport Museum and property in Campo)

16    Ed Camp (Parents settled in Dulzura and lived here all of his life)

17    Al Glover,  (Parents settled in Dulzura and lived here most of life)

18.        R.O.(Bob) Harris (Lived entire life at Campo/Potrero area)

19.   Alan Nikodym (Runs Feed Store at Barrett)

20    Mr. Smith of Barrett, Parents settled at Barrett Junction area

21        Cathy Stephens (Born and raised at Barrett)

22.        Dorothy Holloman

Many thanks to everyone who has helped me compile this information and thank you very much for reading the articles.  These articles were written on behalf of Highway 94 Club and the history of the club has been included in these articles.  I hope this has stirred your interest and prompted you to take an active part in highway improvements as the pioneers did.  These articles were originally published in the Mountain View in 1998/1999 time frame.

 All above books mentioned can be purchased at Mountain Empire Historical Society at the Stone House in Campo.

This book is dedicated to all who have worked or driven on Highway 94 and especially to the people who have been injured in accidents and the families of those that have been killed in traffic accidents. The main objective of Highway 94 Club is to promote the best highway for the traveling public.   All proceeds from this book will be given to Highway 94 to further their cause.  Safe and happy traveling!!!


Shirley Bowman-Reider

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