Over the years Highway 94 Club has worked with Caltrans to make improvements on the highway for the safety of the traveling public.  I found letters from Highway 94 Road Committee dated 1990 to CalTrans suggesting changes which included turnout lanes, minor curve widening, guardrails, better highway patrol.  Following are some of the results of these requests:

1.  Guardrails all along Highway 94 at the dangerous curves.  Most recently new guard rails have been installed between 188 and Dulzura Junction.

2.  Turn pockets or turnout lanes at Barrett Junction, Dulzura Community Center, Marron Valley Rd., Otay Lakes Road, Honey Springs Road, Jamul Estates, Lyons Valley Road, Steele Canyon and many more in the Jamul area.

3.  Burms and road banking wherever necessary.

4. New bridge installed near Dulzura Café to replace dip, and dips repaired through Daley Ranch.

5.  Frequent resurfacing of the highway and road remarked.  Reflectors installed and double yellow lines replaced, some broken lines and white fog lines.

6.  Better California Highway Patrol surveillance and truck safety checks.

7.  Telephone call boxes installed.

8.  Better signs such as marking of the intersection of Community Bldg. Road and Highway  94.

9.  Dip improvement prior to Border Patrol Station.


Highway 94 Club is still requesting the following:


2.  For years they have been requesting road signs in Spanish as well as English. 

3.  Severe curves straightened for safety that do not meet requirements.

     A.  Curve at 29 post mile marker near Freezer Road in Dulzura

     B.  Cattle guard and Gasoline Curve in Dulzura

     C.  Grapevine Curve, just prior to Highway 188 to Tecate

     D.  Two or three more curves between Cameron Corners and Boulevard  

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