Joes Curve, just west of 188 (the road to Tecate) on Highway 94, was a very severe and dangerous curve.  A Caltrans report compiled by Graves Engineering in 1991 states 24 accidents occurred  on this curve resulting in one fatality and 33 injuries between January 1988 and June 1991. (7)

This project was top on their list to correct after the realignment of the curves in Dulzura that we have talked about.   The Dulzura Schoolhouse Curve project had 38 accidents in that same length of time resulting in four fatalities and 40 injuries.  The contractor moved to this project after finishing the project at Schoolhouse Curve in Dulzura .

Joes Curve was realigned and eliminated with a pullout lane added for slow traffic.   One side of the mountain was blasted way back and dirt was moved to widen this section of the highway. This improvement cost 2.5 million dollars.

After the project was finished in 1996, the surrounding area was landscaped with trees and planted with wild flowers.    Many trees were planted and only a few have survived, but we must remember that this area did not have trees before the project was started.  Also the ground is mostly decomposed granite and is not conducive to growing anything but weeds.

Each time an area of Highway 94 is widened and straightened it makes driving much safer.  Those who drive Highway 94 appreciate all the changes and hope Caltrans will continue these improvements  due to the additional high volume of traffic on this highway.


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